Consolidating water-repellent protector vo breathable final appearance “drop effect”, transparent – non-film-forming. Impregnating emulsion with high consolidating power combined with a strong hydrophobic effect. It is made up of siloxane resins and latest generation silicone resins (nanotechnology).

The first ones assure the protection and the water repellency of the treated surface, penetrating in depth, they constitute the binding and consolidating substance, the second creates the drop effect. The treatment can be given to degraded surfaces, even if they are powdery and not perfectly compact.

The surfaces treated with SUPER IDROSTOP will therefore acquire new and important properties:

  • Deep hydrophobization
  • Drop effect
  • High breathability
  • Protection from aggressive agents carried by water
  • Self-cleaning of the facade due to the washing away of dirt
  • Reduced adhesion of mosses and algae