Decorative Thick

Organic products based on natural marble chips, sand and aggregates.

The term “thick” is commercially used to indicate that, applied on a wall surface for decorative and protective purposes, they have a thickness greater than those obtained in normal painting with the use of various paints.

They therefore represent an alternative to the latter, especially from an aesthetic point of view.

They are particularly suitable materials for the restoration of historical centers and for valuable buildings.

The technical characteristics are: impermeability, breathability, resistance, durability.

They differ in granulometry and composition, such as to create different effects, more or less rustic, therefore the final aesthetic effect can be very different also based on the thickness, which can range from 1 to 2 mm.

Solve problems

They represent an optimal solution both for maintenance and restructuring interventions, and for the painting of new buildings, as they guarantee the protection and decoration of long-lasting buildings.


These coatings are characterized by high resistance to atmospheric agents, excellent filling power and masking the imperfections of the support.


The wide assortment of aesthetic finishes allows to obtain intonachino, scratched, fine or medium trowel effects, grit blasted that compared to the smooth finishes are able to homogenize the surface more, making it uniform throughout its width.