Elastomeric Coatings

Cracks in the facades of buildings are not only unsightly, but create the conditions for the parts underlying the finish to deteriorate.

They, in fact, allowing humidity to penetrate the masonry, can generate damage of increasing gravity, such as: staining of the color, detachment of the plaster, crumbling of the supports, formation of salt efflorescence and, inside, formation of mold and dispersion of heat , with a consequent reduction in living comfort.

Finishing with elastomeric paint is ideal for treating plaster subjected to cracking or cracking due to inadequate preparation of the cement mix or incorrect use. It is also ideal for restoring concrete surfaces subject to cracks caused by structural and compositional defects.


Ideal for masking and elastically containing cracks and micro-cracks.
High water repellency and low dirt retention, which protects preventively from the formation of fungi and algae. High elasticity even at low temperatures, with high adhesion to the support

Infinite colors

A decorative potential in step with the times, infinite chromatic possibilities and covering capacities for strong and lively shades, with the advantage of the stability of the colors and the final aesthetic aspect.


The finishes obtained in this way guarantee, in addition to covering the cracks, a high resistance to bad weather, good vapor permeability and complete impermeability to water, thus keeping the plaster completely dry and preventing the formation of salts.