CO.LORI was founded in 1971 with the LORIPLAST brand, modified in 2015 with the current one, and has as its main objective the production and supply of chemical products, INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR WATER-BASED PAINTS, destined for the construction market through companies, hardware stores, paint shops and large retailers.

Our company has a significant operational structure, with specific equipment and modern means, it makes use of high technical and instrumental resources used above all in improving the products and allowing it to achieve higher than average production results, gaining market share. compared to direct competitors with competitive prices and operating throughout the national territory.

The main characteristic that distinguishes us is certainly the reliability and correctness in carrying out our activity. Quality is guaranteed with the use of state-of-the-art solutions and products that allow us to obtain satisfactory results at the same time as the final customer who judges us on the market.

We combine professional competence with adequate knowledge and experience in the regulatory field, ensuring the highest quality standards required in production, material manufacturing and plant and equipment maintenance in accordance with European regulations.

The result is a company that intervenes with seriousness and professionalism guaranteeing reliability for all its products and all its services with our customers, all this also for the new sales network, consolidated in 2015 with 10 sector agents present in the area and about 10 executive wholesalers.