Hydro-paints and Lime based

They are products used up to the forties and then abandoned in favor of higher strength acrylic vinyl products.

Today, however, with the due production formulations offered by new research, they are re-proposed on the market in the form of thick paints or coatings for the use and recovery of historic buildings, guaranteeing the aesthetics of the past combined with the technology of the new.

The lime-painted surfaces are beautiful, with pleasing chromatic effects, and are permeable to steam, allowing excess humidity to move away from the interior of the walls.


It is highly breathable and resistant to temperature changes, and is therefore very suitable for wall insulation. Being a natural biocide, the walls painted in lime also guarantee a high resistance to mold and parasites.


It is a painting suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments, and is particularly suitable for the renovation of historic or valuable buildings. It can be applied on most architectural surfaces, while adapting more easily to porous supports such as lime-based plasters, natural stones or bricks.


The lime products, thanks to their high vapor permeability, also favor the elimination of any accumulations or stagnation of water present in the plaster.