Acril Silossanic Paints

These are products that have enabled us to create this new type of high-performance facade applications.

Made with the simultaneous use of special acrylic emulsions and silicone resins, they give at the same time to this type of paint an excellent water repellency and a high breathability, ideal for a long lasting over time, preserving the walls of facades from climatic attacks not allowing the internal composition of mold, fungus and moss

In addition to a particular aesthetic and decorative value, these paintings are used and recommended because they are stable to thermal shocks and do not cause detachments from the support, resistant to acid rain and ultraviolet rays and to corrosion from urban pollution.

Acril-silossanic system:

The advantages of siloxane resins, combined with a residual component of synthetic materials.

A line formulated with the needs of color professionals in mind, in terms of results and durability. It represents the solution able to confer to the surfaces at the same time a high water repellency, an excellent breathability and an effective protection against the formation of mold and moss.

Ease of use

Easy brushing and drying, but also the security of being able to offer performances that are difficult to overcome. Adaptability to any pre-treated wall support with a specific primer.

Ideal for architectural restoration, ideal for new wall surfaces

Water repellency

The water repellency allows the plaster to remain dry and therefore protected from the formation of mold, fungus and moss. These characteristics allow this type of paint to be ideal for humid environments or with high rainfall.


Siloxane cycles protect facades over time. Paints do not stand out because they are protected from water infiltration. The colors applied are stable to ultraviolet and infrared rays, and remain for a long time without incurring discoloration or yellowing.