Dedicated to the best professionals, to those who know the great peculiarities of silicate products in terms of resistance, permeability and general economy.

Highly breathable and weather resistant, it effectively protects and decorates facades. Its mineral nature, based on modified potassium silicates, makes it ideal for the restoration of historic centers and buildings of artistic interest.

Compatibility with the ancient

Aesthetic and chromatic characteristics consistent with the ancient dyes, also for the appreciated halo possible and the chiaroscuro typical of the “lived” nuances of the historical tradition.


The microcrystalline structure originating from the crystallization of silica is porous; this favors the passage of water vapor from the inside to the outside. Breathability means health and living comfort.


Excellent on all types of mineral substrates (excluding plaster) such as lime-based plasters, bastard mortar, cement mortars. Membership is the best guarantee over time.